CharityTracker and Oasis Insight's APIs will provide the operations to create, read, update, and delete (according to your permissions) case and assistance data. Integrating data from CT/OI into another software system will be the responsibility of IT to determine if the software other then CT/OI also has an API or if there will need to be a custom implementation. Essentially, our development team produces and maintains the CT/OI API and its documentation to explain how our API can be successfully used. Software vendors (like us) create APIs because its impossible to create automatic integrations into other software. An API serves as a connecting point between two or more pieces of software. Both side need an API for the most successful integration. So the best question to ask is if both vendors have an API. If not, then you will need to ask the vendor that doesn't have an API if they would be willing to explore integration with the vendor that does.

The CharityTracker/Oasis Insight API works like other APIs in that it will provide the functionality to interact with CharityTracker/Oasis Insight using programming code and allow other APIs to communicate with CharityTracker/Oasis Insight. A programmer can then hook an API up to the CharityTracker/Oasis Insight API. Our development team (just like other companies) maintains the operation of our API, while the connection to other APIs is up to the client. Once our API is released we will provide all the necessary documentation that a programmer will need to hook up the CharityTracker/Oasis Insight API to other APIs.

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