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CharityTracker Plus - Training
CharityTracker Plus - Training

A comprehensive training video to learn the ins and outs of CharityTracker Plus

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Written by Joey Yarber
Updated over a week ago

Due to popular request, we now have a recorded, in-depth training session available. I'd like to provide you this link to the recorded training session which can be forwarded to all new participants moving forward.

It's is ~1.5 hours in length and is the same material we cover during a "live" session (see above) -- This training is used in conjunction with this "practice" site and can be shown in a group setting (such as a computer lab) or watched individually by each agency.

Practice Site (Optional): Open a web browser (preferably Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and visit the following practice site login screen:

You will be able to log in using the login credentials...

Password: friend

Password: friend

Password: friend


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