Oasis Insight Video Training Session

Here you'll find an Oasis Insight Training Video (~1 hr 15 mins) which provides a comprehensive and instructional overview of the system. The video can be watched individually or in a group setting.

Practice Site

A corresponding practice site can be accessed with the following login credentials:

Visit: https://practice.oasisinsight.net

Email: practice1@oasisinsight.net (practice2...practice3...practice4...etc. through 19)

Password: practice123

Video Index/Skip Ahead

If you wish to jump ahead to a specific point in the video training, see times referenced below:

Oasis Insight PRO Feature Overviews

Kiosk Mode / Remote Client Intake
This new feature, first, includes a “Kiosk” mode which will allow you to hand over an iPad or set up a computer in a registration area where the client can fill out their own intake form digitally. Additionally, you will be able to share/email a secure link to a client to have them fill out their own intake and submit a request for assistance remotely. Watch video here (~7 mins) + Watch "How To Set Up" video here (~7 mins)

Client Broadcasts
Send mass text message (SMS) and voice (text-to-speech) broadcasts to your clients. This will be a great way to inform your clients quickly and easily with news and updates from your organization. There will be an account balance required for which will be rechargeable via credit card for SMS message charges (For example, $1.00 will get you 67 text messages). Watch video here (~7 mins)

Client Scheduling
You’ll be able to create and configure appointments for clients. With handy features such as recurring events and capacity limits, you can streamline your operations and logistics. Email and/or SMS reminders can be sent to clients (SMS requires additional fees). Watch video here (~9 mins)

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