The generic Release of Information form we provide to all customers can be signed either electronically (with the PLUS service level) or in paper form (to print a blank copy of the ROI, click [Add New Case] button >> Release of Information link in top-right corner).

Yes, if you wish to create your own Release of Information you can do so. Please view/download an editable English version of Release of Information form here:

There are two options:

  1. With Basic service level, a network administrator can upload under the [Admin] tab >> "EDIT NETWORK SETTINGS" >> "Click here to upload custom ROI".

  2. With PLUS service level, If you opt for your own custom ROI instead of the generic ROI, there is a one-time customization fee for our technical team to incorporate into the system *to allow for digital signatures to be captured.* Simply email the ROI to our support team ( or and a quote will be provided at the rate of $150/hr. Most custom ROI's do not require more than one hour of programming.

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