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Can We Create Our Own Release of Information (ROI) Form?
Can We Create Our Own Release of Information (ROI) Form?

What if we don't want to use the provided release client consent form, can I upload my own form?

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The generic Release of Information form we provide to all customers can be signed either electronically (with the PLUS service level) or in paper form (to print a blank copy of the ROI, click [Add New Case] button >> Release of Information link in top-right corner).

Yes, if you wish to create your own Release of Information you can do so. Please view/download an editable English version of Release of Information form here:

There are two options:

  1. With Basic service level, a network administrator can upload under the [Admin] tab >> "EDIT NETWORK SETTINGS" >> "Click here to upload custom ROI".

  2. With PLUS service level, If you opt for your own custom ROI instead of the generic ROI, there is a one-time customization fee for our technical team to incorporate into the system *to allow for digital signatures to be captured.* Simply email the ROI to our support team ( or and a quote will be provided at the rate of $150/hr. Most custom ROI's do not require more than one hour of programming.

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