Performance check-list

Here are some things that will impact the performance of CharityTracker and Oasis Insight:

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  1. Clear the cache in your browser.

  2. Check your internet speed: Visit a website like and conduct a speed test. A speed of 10 Mbps or higher is generally sufficient for good performance.

  3. Wireless Router Considerations: The performance of your internet can be influenced by the number of devices connected to your wireless router. Additionally, if there is a significant distance between your router and the connected devices, this could also impact internet speed..

  4. Web Browser Choice: For faster browsing and full compatibility, consider using web browsers like Chrome (recommended) or Firefox.

  5. Test Performance on a High-Traffic Website: Visit a popular site, such as YouTube, to evaluate the performance of your internet connection. If everything seems to be working fine there, we may be experiencing a server issue.

  6. Consider Computer Age: Keep in mind that older computers tend to slow down over time. It might be time to consider upgrading your computer if it's significantly aged.

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