The following part of the ROI is very important and as we have had this looked at several times by different legal teams, I would suggest making sure that this paragraph is included in your ROI as it protects your agency, your agent and the client as well:

I understand that all information gathered about me is personal and private and that I do not have to participate in CharityTracker/Oasis Insight. I have had an opportunity to ask questions about CharityTracker/Oasis Insight and to review the basic identifying information, which is authorized by this release for the CharityTracker/Oasis Insight Assistance Network Participating Agencies to share. I also understand that information about non-confidential services provided to me by CharityTracker/Oasis Insight participating agencies may be shared with other CharityTracker/Oasis Insight Participating Agencies. This Release of Information will remain in effect for 3 years from the date noted under my signature at the bottom of this page unless I make a formal request to this Organization that I no longer wish to participate in CharityTracker/Oasis Insight.

Otherwise, you can modify to fit your agency's info.

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