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Using the Add Multiple Assistance Feature
Using the Add Multiple Assistance Feature

If you see a high volume of clients, you may wish to print a paper client roster and then enter the assistance records after a distribution

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Please watch this helpful step-by-step demonstration video (~10 minutes):

Printing Client Rosters
Once you've entered all your clients, you can generate a client roster -- An alphabetical list of Cases, that includes a unqiue number called "Case ID", which can be used for reference:

  1. Visit your [My Agency] tab

  2. Click the [Reports] tab

  3. Select "Cases Report" type

  4. On the 1st reporting screen: Select either "Table" or "CSV" format in the top-right corner. Further filtering can be done. Click [Next].

  5. On the 2nd reporting screen: Uncheck everything except the most important Case information to you. Name, Address, Phone, Last Assistance Date, etc. IMPORTANT: Be sure to include *at least* Case ID and Name fields at a minimum.

Add Multiple Assistance Feature
The marked client roster can be referenced when recording assistance within Oasis:

  1. Visit your [My Agency] tab

  2. Click the [Assistance] tab

  3. Click the [Add Multiple Assistance] tool (see screenshot here)

  4. On the screen that appears, be sure the amount, unit and category reflects the correct information on the left (see screenshot here) and then begin entering Case ID #'s on the right from the marked client roster.

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