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How much customization is possible for reports?
How much customization is possible for reports?
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We have a saying which is "If you can record it, you can report it". There are several "canned" reports available that will likely meet your organization's needs (see screenshot here). The reporting features are very flexible as we try to be all things to all the different types of organizations we serve. When a report needs to be run there is a two-step process that a user must follow to generate the final report: On the first screen (see screenshot here), reporting filters are used to narrow the focus of the report by certain parameters (date, category, etc.). On the second screen (see screenshot here), check-boxes are checked/unchecked to include/exclude certain fields from displaying on the final report.

Our development team can also review any report and provide a quote for a custom report -- 1-888-764-0633

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