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Can you extract data points in to Excel?
Can you extract data points in to Excel?

Am I able to pull raw data into an Excel spreadsheet (ie. CSV format)?

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Yes. Nearly all reports can be generated/downloaded to your computer in CSV (Excel) format by following these steps:

  1. Visit your [My Agency] tab or [Admin] tab.

  2. Go to the [Reports] sub-tab and select the report type you wish to generate.

  3. On the 1st reporting screen, select "CSV" from the top-right (optionally filter by certain parameters like Date, Categories, etc.) and click [Next].

  4. On the 2nd reporting screen, select the data you wish to include in the export and click [Request Report].

  5. Once report finishes, download the CSV file and open in Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program.

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