As a network administrator using the [Assessments] feature (only available in the Pro and HMIS levels) you are able to create assessment fields which correspond to questions/indicators that you wish assess clients on and report changes over time.

To create a new assessment field, follow these steps:

  1.  Visit your [Admin] tab.

  2. Click the [Assessments] sub-tab.

  3. Click the [Add Field +] button (see screenshot here). 

  4. On the screen that appears, name the field and for [Type] select either 'dropdown', 'radio button', 'number' or "number with decimals'. Enter the values for each Option (see screenshot here). 

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each question/indicator.

Please note that if the "Options" are not in the correct order (ie. from highest to lowest, or lowest to highest, etc.) please contact the support team to assist with re-ordering (888-764-0633). 

The Assessment fields will now appear under a client's Case file under the [Assessments] tab.

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