Not directly from the system; but the information entered into the database can be exported as a CSV data file to be used with Microsoft Word's "Mail Merge" function to create address labels -- Learn more about Mail Merge here

Many will generate a "Cases" report in .CSV format and it will provide spreadsheet including name, address, etc. and works great for generating address labels.

To do this, follow these steps:

**Within the system**

  • Go to [My Agency] >> [Reports] sub-tab >> select [Cases Report] type (See screenshot).

  • On reporting step 1 of 2: select CSV format in top-right corner, feel free to filter to focus your results; click [Next] button (See screenshot).

  •  On reporting step 2 of 2: Use the check-boxes to include or exclude the fields that you would like to include on the labels and then click [Request Report] (See screenshot). CSV reports are usually processed within 15 minutes, but occasionally may take longer. When your report is ready, you will receive an email notification with a link to download your CSV file.

  • Open the downloaded CSV file into Microsoft Excel.

**Within Microsoft Excel**

  • Open the CSV file you downloaded.

  • Remove any columns of data you don't need leaving only the important fields for the mailer. This will be your data file (see screenshot).

**Within Microsoft Word**


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