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Can your system be used to generate mailing labels?
Can your system be used to generate mailing labels?

We would like to print mailing labels with client names and addresses from the system. Is this possible?

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Not directly from the system; but the information entered into the database can be exported as a CSV data file to be used with Microsoft Word's "Mail Merge" function to create address labels -- Learn more about Mail Merge here

Many will generate a "Cases" report in .CSV format and it will provide spreadsheet including name, address, etc. and works great for generating address labels.

To do this, follow these steps:

**Within the system**

  • Go to [My Agency] >> [Reports] sub-tab >> select [Cases Report] type (See screenshot).

  • On reporting step 1 of 2: select CSV format in top-right corner, feel free to filter to focus your results; click [Next] button (See screenshot).

  •  On reporting step 2 of 2: Use the check-boxes to include or exclude the fields that you would like to include on the labels and then click [Request Report] (See screenshot). CSV reports are usually processed within 15 minutes, but occasionally may take longer. When your report is ready, you will receive an email notification with a link to download your CSV file.

  • Open the downloaded CSV file into Microsoft Excel.

**Within Microsoft Excel**

  • Open the CSV file you downloaded.

  • Remove any columns of data you don't need leaving only the important fields for the mailer. This will be your data file (see screenshot).

**Within Microsoft Word**


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