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How do I print notes?

Does Charity Tracker allow for printing of notes in a record? If so can you give me a written tutorial of how to go about doing that?

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There are 2 ways to print the information inside the [Notes] tab:

  1. Case Report -  on each case there is a link located in the right margin work area, just below the last tab.  The "Case Report" link will allow you to print anything associated with that case file, including the notes.

  2. Notes Report - in your [My Agency] tab, [Reports] tab, find the [Add Report] button, select "Notes" in the type of report, and continue to run a report on the notes entered on various cases. You will need to use either the "List" or "CSV" format to include the actual note entered.

If you need further help in setting up these reports please contact the support team (888-764-0633).

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