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Touchscreen Signature Issue
Touchscreen Signature Issue

Google Chrome - Touchscreen not capturing signatures

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In the most recent update to Chrome (v. 70.0.3538.67), we have had several CharityTracker/Oasis Insight Plus users reporting issues with their touchscreen computers not working to capture a digital signature.

Some users reported that when they try to draw the signature on the screen, they are seeing a blue left arrow as they try to draw.

Fortunately, we have identified the solution to this issue if you are having any problems.

  1. Open Chrome

  2. In the web address bar, type chrome://flags just as shown below and hit enter

3. There will be a search bar at the top that loads. Type "touch" and hit enter

4. It will now display the results in a list below. Look for item with the title "Touch Events API" and change the dropdown to say "Enabled" (example shown below)

5. Once you change the dropdown to "Enabled" a message will appear at the bottom of the screen that says "Your changes will take effect the next time you relaunch Google Chrome." with a button that says [RELAUNCH NOW]. Click the [RELAUNCH NOW] button

6. Chrome should now restart and you should be able to once again capture digital signatures.

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