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Demographics (Custom Case Fields)
Demographics (Custom Case Fields)

Adding Demographics to Cases

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The Network Admin has permission to add and edit demographics. We call our custom fields on cases "demographics". Agencies cannot add their own demographics by design. This gives the network administrator a chance to standardize data, making everyone's life easier for reporting and intake.

To add a demographic...

  1. Click on the [Admin] tab

  2. Click on the [Demographics] sub-tab

  3. Click on the [Add Demographic] button  (see screenshot:

  4. Enter the name of your demographic, select the "Type" from the drop-down list, select the "Section", enter the names of your options, and click [Add Demographic]  (see screenshot -

Helpful tips:

"Required" demographics - check this box and a case can not be added unless this particular demographic is satisfied.

"Household" demographics - check this box and the demographic will apply to every member in the household.

"Add Option" link - click on this link to increase the number of options.
See screenshot -

"Include OTHER field as an additional option" - check this box and your demographic will display an "Other" field along with a text box to enter that additional option.

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