Agent Role Permissions

Can an agent's permissions be adjusted? Can users be designated with differing levels of administrative abilities?

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Yes, we can usually adjust an agent's permissions to fit your needs.  Since this is controlled on our side of things, email us with your request and we will do our best to meet your request.

There are three levels of access (or Roles) for users -- Network Administrator; Agency Administrator; and Agent.

  • Agents (lowest) are service provider staff or volunteer workers. Each agent has his/her own username and password for secure access to network information. Every update or modification to a client’s information is stamped with the agent’s name, date, and time of entry.

  • Agency Administrators oversee the information gathered for a particular agency/department. Responsibilities include adding new agents and setting agency assistance categories. AA's can generate reports.

  • Network Administrators (highest) are leaders who oversee the entire network. This role can be served by one or multiple leaders. Administrators can customize the demographics, categories, outcomes, etc. under the [Admin] tab. NA's can generate network-wide reports that are useful for defining metrics and collective impact.

Additional roles can be added if needed, just let us know what your desire is and we can craft a new role (from our end).

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