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How do I add new assistance categories? Part 2
How do I add new assistance categories? Part 2

Understanding the available functionality when adding assistance categories.

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When adding a new assistance category, the following details are available:

"Section" - Category sections are added by the network admin.  You must select an appropriate section for your category

"Name" - Enter the name of your category in this field

"Description" - This field allows you to describe your category, if you like.

"Default Amount" - When the category is selected (when adding assistance) you can predetermine the amount you want to appear.

"Default Unit" - You can also predetermine the "Unit" you want to appear, as you select the assistance category.

"Fixed Value" - If you want to keep track of the $ value as well as the number of units, you can enter that as a "Fixed Value".  Also, the "Fixed Value" will be multiplied times the amount entered as you add an assistance record.  

For example:
If "1" "Meal" = $5; then, "2" "Meals" = $10

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