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Is your solution HIPAA Compliant?
Is your solution HIPAA Compliant?
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We are happy to say that CharityTracker is HIPAA-compliant. Click here to view a one-page overview of CharityTracker security  -- Our security and compliance manager can provide a copy of our Business Associates Agreement that we have with Amazon Web Services, Inc.. We, at CharityTracker/Simon Solutions, are a HIPAA-covered entity because of the attached BAA. If your agency needs to comply to HIPAA/HITECH laws, then your agency would be the Covered Entity in this case, and we would be the Business Associate - We would be willing to sign a copy of your drafted BAA.

If you would like clarification or have questions, please feel free to have them reach out to our security and compliance manager, Jason Gabriel, at or 1-888-764-0633.

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