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Barcodes: Third party barcodes
Barcodes: Third party barcodes

For example, you can use a driver's license as the client's ID Card.

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This enhancement allows you to associate third party barcodes, like a driver's license, with a client in your CharityTracker or Oasis Insight network.

So what’s a third party barcode? 

It means you can use barcodes that do not have to be generated in CharityTracker or Oasis Insight. Traditionally you would print the system generated ID card, cut it out, laminate it, then give it to your client. While this is easy and excellent functionality to take advantage of the efficiency of scannable barcodes, it limited you to only be able to use our ID cards.

Now, in addition to the system generated Client ID cards, you can scan any other type of existing barcode to associate it with your client and effectively use that as your new client ID card. 

Watch the video below for a full overview...

Make sure to click the full screen button ☝️(bottom-right corner to the left of "vimeo")

What types of third party barcodes are supported?

Code 128 or any 1-Dimensional Barcode with NO SPACES.
Pro Tip - Each barcode needs to be unique as cases cannot share the same barcode.

Where can I order pre-printed cards?

You can order cards online with a variety of companies or you can contact a print shop local to you. Remember to make sure a unique barcode is printed for every card. We suggest you start your numbering with "1000001". 

If you go back to get more cards printed, make sure that you do not duplicate any barcodes that were previously printed. For example, if you got 1000 cards printed starting at "1000001", then your next print order should have cards starting at "1001001".

When working with a company that will be printing your third-party barcodes, it is critical that you require a PDF proof (an example of the design including actual barcodes) BEFORE approving printing. This way you can use that PDF to perform a test of:

  1. Associating one of the sample barcodes with a test case (aka client) in CharityTracker or Oasis Insight using the [ID Card] dialog. (see the video above for instructions).

  2. Once the sample barcode is associated with a test client, go to the homepage of CharityTracker or Oasis Insight by clicking the top-left logo, and scan that barcode to ensure that the associated case pops up.

  3. If steps 1 and 2 succeed, you should be all set to approve printing.

Tip: Share a link to this page with the company you are using for printing.

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For more information about using Client ID cards and barcodes, including recommended scanner hardware, check out this list of articles.

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