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What are the available keyboard shortcuts?
What are the available keyboard shortcuts?

Is it possible to use/enable keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the system, especially when adding a case?

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Yes! See list below...

The following will work from any page, as long as no dialog is open:

  • [F1] opens the [Add New Case] intake screen.

  • [F2] opens the [Search] window.

When the [Add New Case] or [Edit Case] screens are open:

  • [Tab] key advances the cursor between fields.

  • [Shift] + [Tab] moves cursor backwards.

  • Toggle between the upper tabs on the [Add New Case] intake screen (Identification, Income & Expenses, Demographics, etc.) by using [F1], [F2] and [F3] keys (see screenshot here).

  • [Page Up] and [Page Down] can be used when scrolling up and down the Add New Case screen. 

When a client's case file is open:

  • [F3] opens "EDIT CASE" screen.

  • [F4] opens "Add Assistance" screen.

  • [F5] opens "Add Relationship" screen.

  • [F6] opens "Add Note" screen.

  • [F7] opens "Add Alert" screen.

  • [F8] opens "Add Request/Referral" screen.

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