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Is there a way to track volunteer hours?
Is there a way to track volunteer hours?

We would like to be able to record and report the hours that our volunteers have worked.

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Please check out this video -- Watch "Tracking Volunteers + Donors" Video Now or watch below...

Yes -- To record attendance hours we recommend you set-up an Assistance Category for "Volunteer Hours" and enter a new assistance record for each time a volunteer works a certain number of hours. 

To create a new category, visit your [My Agency] tab >> click [Categories] sub-tab >> click [Add Category +] button. Once this is in place you will be able to record/report these volunteer hours.

For example, this method would enable you to open a Volunteer/Case's.. click the [Assistance] section, click the [Add Assistance +] button and record that the volunteer worked --

  • Amount: 6

  • Unit: Hours

  • Category: Other: Volunteer Hours

As before, you will be able to report on the number of hours spent attending at a specific program.

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