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Printing Client List/Roster
Printing Client List/Roster

Here's how to run a report and print out a list of your clients.

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Click on [My Agency] tab

Click on [Reports] sub-tab

Click on "Cases" report

Select either of the following:

"Show Cases Created by Your Agency" - to show all cases that were created by agents inside your own agency

"Show Cases Assisted by Your Agency" - to show all the cases that have assistance records associated with their case file

Select one of the Formats: "List" format is pretty, but not the best option for printing a simple client list; "Table" format is very "Client List" friendly; "CSV" format opens in Excel.

Select any filters that are appropriate: For example, if you have a date range, use the "Filter by Entry Date" or "Filter by Assistance Date" (Note: "Entry Date" follows the "Show Cases Created by Your Agency" option. "Assistance Date" follows the "Show Cases Assisted by Your Agency" option.)

If you desire to see a list of "Head of Household" only, click on the "Filter by Demographic Profile Match" and select "Other Case Information: Head of Household".

Click [Next]

To put your report in alphabetical order, select "Case Name" in the "Order by" drop-down

Un-check "Case Summary" in the "Report Sections to Include"

Select the appropriate fields in "Cases Table Report Fields"

Click [View Report]

Once your report has run, click [Go Back] in the upper left corner

Find the report in your Recent Reports

Click on the "Add to Saved Reports" link (see far right of the report name)

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