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How to send out a Client Broadcast
How to send out a Client Broadcast

Client Broadcasts lets send SMS (Text) and Voice (Text-to-Speech) messages to your clients

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The Client Broadcasts feature is an exciting new development that introduces functionality to send SMS (Text) and Voice (Text-to-Speech) messages to your clients. Clients are selected via the current reporting system, which allows granular filtering into selecting exactly who should receive the message. For example, you could send a message to all new clients who visited your agency in the last 3 months and received assistance in a particular category. You could even further filter down to particular demographics. The possibilities are amazing.

It all starts with a report...

1. Click the red [Admin] tab (or the blue [My Agency] tab)
2. Click the [Reports] tab
3. Click on one of the following broadcast-supported reports:

- Assistance
- Assistance Requests
- Cases
- Households
- Applications
- Forms

4. In the window that appears, ensure your "Format" is either List or Table.

5. Choose any filters you'd like, just as you normally would for creating a report.
6. Click the [Next] button at the bottom of the window.
7. On the "Choose Fields for Report" page, make sure you select to include individual case data in your report. For example, in an "Assistance" report, you'd want to make sure you include the "Assistance Record" section of the report. This ensure that you will see the individual clients that will be selected for your broadcast.

8. Click the [View Report] button at the bottom of the window
9. Review the generated report to make sure it includes the cases you want to message. You can repeat steps 1-9, if needed, to ensure you have the right cases.
10. When you are satisfied with the results of the report, click the [Create Client Broadcast] button.

11. Click [OK] to the confirmation prompt that pops up

12. In the window that opens, you will see a message that your recipient list is being generated, while this process take place, you can begin creating a draft of your client broadcast by entering a Title for your client broadcasts. Titles are for organizational purposes and will not be part of the message sent to clients.

13. Next, enter the Message you would like to send to your clients.
While you type out your message, notice the character limit to understand if the system will need to send multiple messages if your message is longer than 160 characters.

We developed intelligent delivery functionality, so the system will automatically determine if the client is using a cell phone or a land line. If the client is using a cell phone, the message will be delivered as an SMS (Text) message, whereas if the client uses a landline, the Text-To-Speech engine will call and speak the message to the client. And if the client doesn't answer, it will leave a voicemail of the message!

14. Choose when you want the message to be delivered. You have the option to send the message now (which means when you review and send the message, it will immediately start delivering to clients) or you can schedule the message to be sent on a specific day and time.

15. Now that you've got your Title, Message, and Schedule set, you should have seen the recipient list has finished, which shows the details of the broadcast and adds a new button called [Review & Send]. Let's review...

The blue section gives you important information about the broadcast. It tells you how many people will receive the message, the estimated costs (it will not be higher than this, but could be lower), how much you have available in your broadcast balance, how long the system estimates for everyone to receive the message, and the phone number used for delivering the message.

From here you can choose to save this message as a draft with the [Save as Draft] button, or if you are ready to move to the next step click the [Review & Send] button.

16. You should now be seeing the "Review & Send Client Broadcast" window. This is the final review of your client broadcast. You can see what the SMS will look like on your phone by clicking the "SEND PREVIEW TO YOUR PHONE" link.

17. The button at the bottom of the window will either show [Schedule Broadcast] or [Send Broadcast] depending on if you have chose to send the message now or if you scheduled it.

Click the [Schedule Broadcast] button.
(You will be prompted for a final confirmation as once a message is scheduled/sent it cannot be undone)

18. Click the [OK] button and you're done!

You will be taken to the "Client Broadcasts" tab where you will see all of your broadcasts and their associated details.


If you run into any issues, please reach out to us.

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