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Kiosk/Remote Intake Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Kiosk/Remote Intake Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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  • Does kiosk mode/remote intake mode include document uploads and digital signature capture on release of information?

  • What happens if we send someone a link that is already in the system? Will we be flagged that it’s a possible duplicate?
    For security purposes Kiosk/remote intake mode doesn't automatically prevent duplication if the case already exists because as this would be a security vulnerability and allow someone to identify if a particular client was in your database. We suggest your users/agents search the database before sending the kiosk link to avoid duplication.

  • I cannot tell from the video how customizable is the intake form? I ask because in our intake, we actually assess what outcomes the client is interested in. Would that be possible for this system?
    The screen the client would be accessing to intake their own data is essentially the [Add New Case] screen. So whatever data points you have customized already for your [Add New Case] screen these will carry over. However, there are some adjustments our support team can help you with. Please feel free to click on your [Feedback] button and send us the details.

  • Does the appointment/scheduling feature appear in the Kiosk mode?
    Not at this time; but this is great feedback -- This is something we are researching for Version 2 of Client Scheduling and will pass along to our development team.

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