Barcode Scanner Issues (ex. Case Not Found)

Seeing "Case Not Found" in barcode mode when scanning ID Cards?

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If your scanner is not scanning cards at all and you are using a Symbol scanner, please refer to

Otherwise, if you are experiencing an issue where your scanner is producing a "Case Not Found" screen as you scan your client's ID Card or Associated Third Party Barcode, then it is likely that your scanner has a suffix (can also be referred to as "End Character Setting") configured for a carriage return (enter).

Great news! This is an easy fix. Some barcode scanners are pre-configured with the suffix of carriage return as factory default. This carriage return suffix inadvertently causes issues with barcode mode in CharityTracker and Oasis Insight.
To disable this suffix, you will need to refer to the manual for your scanner. You can often find manuals online at the manufacturer's website or search Google for the model number of your scanner and adding "manual" (ex. "Namadoo Bur3003 Manual").

Within the manual will be many types of special barcodes that can be scanned to configure the settings of the scanner. In particular, you will be looking for the barcode that disables suffix.

Here's an example for the Namadoo Bur3003 scanner:

Once you have disabled the suffix, you should be good to go!

If you are experiencing an issue that is not solved by this article, please contact us. We'll be happy to look into a resolution for you!

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