Using Bed Management

Steps to successfully use the "Bed Management" feature.

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  • First, make sure you have created a Project (under [My Agency] >> [Projects] sub-tab) and add your Site Info to that Project here (see screenshot here)

  • Then click on the [Bed Management] sub-tab here (screenshot)

  • Add Beds to Sites and then add Beds (screenshot)

To Add a Client to a Bed you may:

For Quick Check-Ins and Check-Outs Click on the [My Agency] tab and then on the [Bed Management] sub-tab (screenshot) and then Scan ID Card, Search for Client, or Add New Person to CharityTracker (screenshot)


Make a Bed Request for a future date (screenshot) and then Scan ID Card, [Search] for Client, or [Add New Case] and then enter Date and select Site (screenshot)

To Print Bed List:

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