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Steps To Build Services Directory & Mock Referrals
Steps To Build Services Directory & Mock Referrals
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If you are trying to build a directory of partners and their services so that you can record referrals, we want to share the best way to do so -- Please review a quick video recording of the steps outlined below - Watch Video Here (~3 mins)

Steps for Adding Agencies + Services
Here are the steps to follow to do this:

  1. Visit your [Admin] tab and click the [Add New Agency] button.

  2. Enter the Name and contact info for the Agency -- You may wish to add “Inactive” or “Services Only” to the end of the agency name for reference...Eg. “Child Protective Services (Services Only)“.

  3. Also enter the following suggested Agent Name and Email Address below...

    1. [First Name]: NONE

    2. [Last Name]: NONE

    3. [Email Address]: (or a personal email address that you own that is not currently used in CharityTracker)

  4. Be sure to select the “I Will Pay for this Agency” billing option and then click the [Add Agency] button to finish adding the new Agency.

  5. Next, click the DELETE link to remove the Agent, so that our automated billing system will not incorrectly tally the number of active Agents.

  6. Lastly, visit the agency’s [Services] tab and add all the services that the agency provides. These services you list will appear under the [Add Request/Referral] screen as well as the searchable “Services” directory ([Agencies] tab >> [Services] sub-tab).

  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for each Agency.

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