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How does the "Poverty Guidelines" feature work?
How does the "Poverty Guidelines" feature work?

Can the system compare a household with the U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines to determine eligibility?

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The U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines are used to determine financial eligibility for certain programs.

Within CharityTracker and Oasis Insight, the "Poverty Guidelines" is a helpful feature found on the [Personal Info] screen of a case which compares the household's income and household size against the Federal Poverty Guidelines and displays a percentage to express whether the household is at or below the poverty level (0% to 100%) or above the poverty level (101%+):

The household income is calculated from the [Income & Expenses] section of a Case and household size is determined by those cases marked as "Living With" the head of household under the [Relationships] tab.

If you don't see this within your database, let us know as the guidelines feature can be activated upon request at no cost (with approval from primary network administrator). Simply contact our support team.

**For Network Administrators**

Typically each year the U.S. government will adjust the poverty guidelines that are in effect. A notification banner will appear if the guidelines need to be updated within the system (see screenshot here).

To update the poverty guidelines follow these steps:

  1. Visit the [Admin] tab.

  2. Under the [Settings] sub-tab click Poverty Guidelines link (see screenshot here).

  3. On the window appears adjust the poverty level for "1 Person" in the household and then the poverty level adjustment for each additional person in the household (see screenshot here).

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