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Collective Community Impact Training Video Series
Collective Community Impact Training Video Series

Learn how to build capacity for collective community impact.

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We have created the only video training series that empowers those who “welcome the challenge” of helping individuals and families live healthier, happier, and more meaningful lives - and it's completely free!

You will learn how to use collective impact to jump-start and accelerate transformative processes that leads to desirable futures people want while helping make their goals reality.

Ready to learn more? Watch our Introduction Video below:

Here's what you'll learn throughout the remainder of our FREE training series:

  • Step 1 - Prepare Yourself for the Journey

  • Step 2 - Invite Others to Travel with You

  • Step 3 - Set Up Your First Basecamp

  • Step 4 - Experience the Value of Working Together

  • Step 5 - Set Up More Basecamps Along the Way

  • Step 6 - Bridge Gaps and Advance Forward Progress

  • Step 7 - Map Out a Successful Path to the Summit

  • Step 8 - Create Wide Pathways for Many Explorers to Travel

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