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How to Include Specific Demographics in Reports
How to Include Specific Demographics in Reports

How to choose specific demographics to include in reports instead of having to include all demographics.

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Improving the reporting process to give you easier, more meaningful reports is a big focus of our development team in the upcoming year! We’re listening to the needs of all our users and constantly improving based on your valuable feedback - Great things are coming!

We’re happy to share the latest reporting update that just rolled out today: Selecting specific Demographics to display in reports.

What are Demographics?

Demographics are user-created fields for data collection for the clients you’re serving (fields like Gender, Ethnicity, Residential Status, etc.).

What’s new?

Before this update, when running a report, you could choose to include ALL demographics in a report (or not include any). Now you can choose SPECIFIC demographics you want to see included in the report so that you can get just what you need:

You’ll now see just those selected demographics in the report.

This feature applies to the "List" and "CSV" report formats. ("List" shown above)

The result is more flexible reports for more meaningful demographic data!

For more information on how to run reports and specify demographics, please check out our help articles. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team if you have any questions.

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