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"Pro" Feature Updates - May 2023
"Pro" Feature Updates - May 2023

Latest updates to the Pro features including improvements to: Client Scheduling and Remote Assessments + Forms

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Update: Client Scheduling 2.0

Coordinating client appointments at your organization can be time-consuming and we hope that the most recent updates to the Client Scheduling feature (ie. Appointments) will make your team's lives even easier! Here are a few improvements we've made:

  • Self-scheduling link for clients to be able to set their own appointments

  • Self-scheduling on the Kiosk/Remote Intake screen

  • New Calendar view

  • Google/Outlook Calendar integration

  • Block-out dates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Can I send the same self-scheduling link to all of my clients?
    Each self-scheduling link is unique to a particular client and is re-usable for that person from that point forward.

  • When I go to the appointments tab, I don't see a self-scheduling link?
    It's likely that you haven't set up any appointment types in your [My Agency] -> [Appointments] -> "Manage Appointment Types" section. The self-scheduling feature doesn't let clients create an appointment with a custom date and time. Clients are required to select from the existing appointment types to schedule an appointment.

Update: Remote Forms & Self-Assessments

Assessments are typically completed by a client in a self-reported way so the need for an individual to fill out a form or take an assessment 24/7 from anywhere is very important. The good news is that with the latest update:

A remote link can now be shared with a client so they can take their own Assessment or fill out a Form remotely, anywhere at anytime

Whether your organization employs the assessment for Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin'-By World (by the aha! Process); created your own custom assessment, or had our team custom-develop a form, the client's remote entry will go directly into the database securely and in real-time. Here's an overview of how you can implement the new features into your assessment work-flow:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • What if I'm not seeing the self-entry links on certain tabs for my clients?
    If our development team implemented a custom form for you (i.e. Getting Ahead, Self-Sufficiency Matrix, CSFP, TEFAP) self-entry isn't activated by default for any form. There are many forms that are not meant for clients to self-submit such as CSFP or TEFAP due to signature and workflow requirements. Simply contact us to review your specific network setup and we'll collaborate with you to facilitate this functionality.

  • Can I send links to multiple cases at the same time?
    Currently, each link is unique to each client and will need to be sent one at a time.

Feedback from our customers is highly valuable and we consider all comments for future updates. Please contact our support team with any questions or further feedback.

How can I get started with Pro?

Please email us at - If you are a current customer on the Basic or Plus service levels, please share your organization name/contact info and one of our account specialists will be in touch shortly.

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