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Address Autocomplete (Pro Versions)
Address Autocomplete (Pro Versions)

How can I start typing an address and it autocomplete, standardizing client addresses based on the United State Postal Service standards?

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We are excited to share the news that a new feature has rolled out to the Pro versions of CharityTracker and Oasis Insight that will standardize addresses (based on the United States Postal Service standards) when entering cases.

What are the benefits of Address Autocomplete?

  • Increase speed and accuracy of client data entry

  • Standardize addresses within your network

  • Assurance that addresses are valid

  • Eliminate address entry errors

How does Address Autocomplete work?

When you begin typing a client's street or mailing address within the Add New Case (or Edit Case) dialog, you will see a list of suggested addresses appear.


Once you find a match, you can use your up/down arrow keys or click a suggestion to auto-populate the address fields.
Simple, easy, awesome!

Frequently Answered Questions

Why am I not seeing this functionality in my network?
Your agency/network must be on the Pro version of CharityTracker or Oasis Insight. Additionally, this feature is disabled by default. Please refer to this video to learn how it can be enabled:

Why isn't it auto-populating county?
Address Autocomplete relies on your network settings to populate the county. We allow each network to have its own list of counties so that network administrators can keep their list short by only having counties in their service area.
You can manage the list of counties for your network by visiting the red [Admin] tab, then clicking the "Edit Network Settings" link. From there, you will find a tab called "Counties". Here you can manage the list:

What happens to all my existing addresses?
All previously entered addresses on cases will remain unchanged when this feature is enabled. Make sure to watch this video to learn more:

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