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Assistance Alerts/Triggers & Criteria-based Display
Assistance Alerts/Triggers & Criteria-based Display

Can we limit when clients receive services? We limit categories by date/time. What are the options?

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Criteria-based prompts can be set-up in your account by our support team - For example: Let’s say your organization allows a household to visit the food pantry only one (1) time per week. An assistance trigger can be set to display a message like “Alert! This household has already been served with food in the current week. Please review” if they attempt to receive food again in the same week.

For each assistance trigger we would need to receive an email to our support team at or with:

  • A.) the Assistance Category (ie. Food: Food Pantry Visit);

  • B.) Threshold and Timeframe (allow 1 assistance per week; 2 times per calendar month, etc.);

  • C.) Title + Text of notification;

  • D.) Does this apply to a Household or individual Case only.

Additional costs may apply if there are a large number of triggers or custom triggers that need to be developed (quoted at rate of $150/hr).

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