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Appointment Reminders: Settings
Appointment Reminders: Settings

How to set appointment "Reminders".

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Visit [My Agency] tab

In the [Appointments] sub-tab, click on [Manage Appointment Types]

When adding or editing an appointment type, notice the "Client Appointment Reminders" drop-down in the blue rectangle.

There are 4 options:

  • No Reminders - no reminders will be sent

  • Email - only email reminders will be sent

  • SMS (Text) - only SMS reminders will be sent

  • Email & SMS - BOTH Email and SMS reminders will be sent.

Also, notice the box to enter a value for "Hours before their appointment", which determines when the reminder is sent out.

Now, let's go to a Case file... then the [Appointments] tab...

All Appointment Types send out the reminder based upon the settings as described above.

When adding a "Custom" Appointment, the reminder is sent ONLY at the initial entry of the appointment! Reminders are NOT sent a certain number of hours before the scheduled time.

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