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Adding Single vs. Multiple Relationships [Add Relationship +] Screen
Adding Single vs. Multiple Relationships [Add Relationship +] Screen

A network-wide setting can be activated to allow for multiple relationships to be added at once vs. a single relationship.

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We've found that some users would prefer a faster method for adding relationships under a Case >> [Relationships] tab >> [Add Relationship +] button:

Single Relationship Screen

When you click the [Add Relationship +] button you likely will see the single relationship screen:

You, first, enter the name of the Case you're about to add as a relationship and click [Search] to cross-reference for existing cases. if no results are found, you click [Add a new person] button:

Multiple Relationship Screen

The Multiple relationships is an option to consider. Pro: Faster data entry (up to 10 relationships at once); Con: Does not currently cross-reference for duplicates before adding:

Here's a short video explaining how the multiple relationships screen would works vs single relationship (~ 2 mins):

If interested in activating the multiple relationships feature, reach out to the support team (Network Administrators only).

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