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Barcodes: Scanner Performance
Barcodes: Scanner Performance

If you are having trouble with your scanner, here is a check-list:

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  1. Make sure you are using a browser compatible with our Barcode feature, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. EDGE will not give you good performance.

  2. Make sure your scanner is fully charged (if it is a wireless scanner).

  3. Make sure your scanner is properly connected: If corded, check your USB connection. If wireless, you might need to re-scan the set-up barcodes. Bluetooth connection is going to be the slowest type, therefore, we discourage this type of connection.

  4. Make sure your [Caps Lock] key is NOT engaged.

  5. Make sure your internet connection is up to speed. A lagging internet impacts your scanner, too. Make sure there is nothing else pulling on your connection, like someone streaming.

  6. Currently, iPads are not compatible with our Barcode feature. Our technicians are working towards a solution.

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