The system does it's best to prevent duplicate Cases from being entered if a client already exists in the database. The system cross-references on a combination of Name & Date of Birth, as well as Street Address (and if you are using Social Security Number, as this is a unique identifier to each person). For example, if an agent attempts to add a client that shares any or all of those Case details then a prompt will appear (see screenshot here). The agent can then use the existing Case in the database by clicking on the Case name. There is an option to "Ignore Possible Duplication And Add New Case" for unique situations where there is a coincidence but we strongly advise using an existing Case before adding a new one.

We also provide the "Duplicate Cases" search tool found under your [Admin] tab to help. This tool will assist you in identifying possible duplicate case files and, as the network administrator, you can merge them together. 

Once you complete the list of duplicates by either merging or marking a combination as "Not A Duplicate", you can request a new one. You may wish to generate as often as you'd like. Or, if you are unable to get through the entire list, you can request our support team to force generate another Duplicate Cases Search.

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