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Introducing CharityTracker Pro + Oasis Insight Pro
Introducing CharityTracker Pro + Oasis Insight Pro
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Kiosk Mode / Remote Client Intake

This new feature, first, includes a “Kiosk” mode which will allow you to hand over an iPad or set up a computer in a registration area where the client can fill out their own intake form digitally. Additionally, you will be able to share/email a secure link to a client to have them fill out their own intake and submit a request for assistance remotely.

Update (April 2021): New Kiosk Mode features have been released, such as the ability for clients to sign their release of information, upload documents, SMS (Text) verification in remote intake, and more! Click here to learn more - Watch how to manage Kiosk settings below:

Update (May 2023): Remote Forms & Self-Assessments are now available. This gives you the opportunity to send a secure link to clients to allow them to fill out forms and assessments using their own devices, from anywhere. An excellent companion to making life easier for both your agency and the client. Learn more here

Client Scheduling

You’ll be able to create and configure appointments for clients. With handy features such as recurring events and capacity limits, you can streamline your operations and logistics. Email and/or SMS reminders can be sent to clients (SMS requires additional fees).

Update (May 2023): Client Scheduling 2.0 is now available in Pro. This includes the ability for clients to self-schedule, a new calendar view, and Google/Microsoft Calendar integration. Learn more here

Client Broadcasts

Send mass text message (SMS) and voice (text-to-speech) broadcasts to your clients. This will be a great way to inform your clients quickly and easily with news and updates from your organization. There will be an account balance required for which will be rechargeable via credit card for SMS message charges (For example, $1.00 will get you 67 text messages).

Street Address Autocomplete

Start typing a street address and it will now autocomplete, standardizing client addresses based on United States Postal Service standards. Increase speed and accuracy of client data; standardize addresses within your database, assure addresses are valid, and eliminate common data entry errors.

How can I get started with Pro?

Please email us at - If you are a current customer on the Basic or Plus service levels, please share your organization name/contact info and one of our account specialists will be in touch shortly.

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