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FAQs & Troubleshooting

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How does the "Poverty Guidelines" feature work?
How do I re-enable an Agent whose access was disabled?
Can we e-sign within the system?
Is it possible to create a virtual queue for in-person visits?
Kiosk - Testing Remote Link
SMS TEXTS & Multiple Phone Numbers
When is a case considered “new”? Can you explain this further in terms of reporting on new cases/new households?
"Pro" Feature Updates - May 2023
"Getting Ahead" Remote Assessment Feature (Pro Level)
Steps To Build Services Directory & Mock Referrals
What is the recommended web browser that works best?
Not Receiving Email Notifications
SMS and Email Notifications for Appointment Reminders
Agent Audit - Activity for a Particular Staff Member
How are Counties added?
Printing Labels
[HMIS] Current Living Situation Ver. 2
Release of Information Case Lockout
Client Broadcasts - Text Replies
How do I change an agency-specific category to "global" so that all agencies can use the category?
How do I move an agent to another agency?
Mobile Hot Spot + Device Recommendation for Use "Out in the Field"
Using Bed Management
How to use the Auto-Signature Barcode
Can it be used on a Chromebook?
Deceased Clients
How do I mark a client as Deceased?
ROI Expiration Date Report
How can I Upload A Scanned Copy of the Paper Release of Information Form?
Kiosk/Remote Intake Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How to use Kiosk Mode
How to send out a Client Broadcast
I keep getting booted out of my session.
Birthday Report
Assistance Category: Archiving
Funding Sources
How do I add new assistance categories? Part 2
Internet Browser - clearing the cache
Agent Role Permissions
How do I Add/Edit the “Funding Sources”?
Huion Signature Pad - 420
Offline Tool Error
Merging cases
When I try to log in, the screen resets.
Is there a way to track donors and donations?
Is there a way to track volunteer hours?
How are feature requests handled by the development team?
Regarding multiple adults in the household. Does only the head of household sign an ROI or should we get one for all adult members?
Is there a mobile app available?
Is your solution HIPAA Compliant?
Is there an ID card printer that is compatible for printing client IDs?
We have a problem with parents claiming others people’s kids as their own. What can we do to work through this challenge?
Can Kiosk Mode display in different languages other than English?
What is the procedure to recover data if needed? How soon after a request could we get the data?
If we ever needed to recover our data how long do you keep backups, i.e. how far back could we go?
When creating a demographic, what does "household demographic" check-box do?
Symbol LI-4278 Barcode Scanner Issue
Can A Report be created for an individual Case?
What do the email notifications that are sent look like?
Barcodes: Ordering ID Cards/Labels
Is information shared in real time?
What does the term "dependent" means when adding a Relationship?
Printing Client List/Roster
Has there been any questions about adults signing releases on behalf of other adults in the household?
Can we see total number of assistance visits and total $ of assistance by category for each case/client?
Touchscreen Signature Issue
Can we set a default for the assistance unit?
If we have a client that leaves our service, how do we make their Case reflect that?
Is there an option to select Same as Street Address for Mailing Address?
Demographics (Custom Case Fields)
How do I print notes?
ADMIN REPORT: Agencies and Categories Used
What is the average response time for customer support?
How do we move an agent (user) from one agency to another?
Can your system be used to generate mailing labels?
What is the required password length?
Importing Assistance with Offline Tool
Do we have a speed baseline/time estimate for entering a case and recording an assistance record for a client?
What is the promised customer support after we launch?
Adding/Editing/Deleting Units
Can we add in any custom branding or logo?
Editing Relationships
Is the data from the reports exportable? If a community discontinues using this system in the future, what happens to the data?
Is the system legal?
Release form (ROI): What happens when children turn 21 or there are custody changes? - Divorce etc...
Is the system SOC II approved?
CharityTracker Brochure
What is the difference between Charity Tracker and Oasis Insight?
If there is a staff turnover, say I left or was promoted, and someone filled my position, does that new person have to obtain a new license/account?
What is the difference between an assistance category and a service?
We have a concern about client confidentiality - Do we need consent or authorization to share client information with other agencies?
How are the community dashboard numbers calculated on the home tab?
How much flexibility/customization is there in creating the intake application?
I am leaving my position - How do I change the primary contact on my account?
How do I verify an release form (ROI) on a new case?
Can you create graphic reports like circle charts?
How Do I Update My Billing Information?
I have a fixed value per item I distribute. If I change the fixed value per item will it change all assistance under that category both past and future?
Where can I access all Case Studies?
I noticed you periodically host webinars that might be useful to non-profits. Is there an archive we can access to view the older sessions?
As part of our required reporting, we track new and returning clients? Would like to be able to pull reports specifically new clients.
Can you extract data points in to Excel?
Can the program be customized to fit our intake and program needs?
How much customization is possible for reports?
Are You FERPA Compliant?
How often do you roll out updates to the system?
If someone does NOT have the Plus, will they be able to see the documents you have uploaded?
Does the database record somehow which agency added the client?
Using the Add Multiple Assistance Feature
What can I do about duplicate cases in the database?
Is your system maintained in the cloud and we are able to login and access it, its not actual software that we download/PC driven?
What is the difference between an "Assistance Requests" Report and a "Referrals" report?
Report Summary Fields Explained
Can we summarize or include a brief statement in lieu of the Release of Information from (ROI)?
Is there a blank version of the Release of Information (ROI) form I can access?
What information is required for us to collect from the client in order to meet your terms of service?
How do I add new assistance categories? Part 1
Performance check-list
What is the promised confidentiality?
What happens to the data we enter during a trial period?
Migrating Data From One Network To Another
Can "Relationships" be made a drop-down menu of set options instead of a text box to type in?
Can the age ranges on report summaries be adjusted to fit my needs?
What does the “household member” count represent?
What hardware is compatible for scanning barcodes and capturing digital signatures?
Can we use Apple iPads to access the system?
Is it necessary to have wifi access during the distributions? We only have one distribution building with wifi.
What are the default data sets found in the system at the start?
What would be the best way to archive the current data and start fresh? Is that even possible?
Can Additional Tabs or "Sections" be Added to the Add New Case Screen?
What is the recommended Internet connection speed?
What is your projected system availability (up-time) in % based on 24 hr/day, 365 day/yr access?
Is the Release of Information (ROI) signed by head of household or each member of household?
Is there a way to alphabetize the clients (by last name) who are listed in a report I create?
How Can I See All Cases Without or With Expired Release of Information Forms?
How Do I Make a Client's Case Private?
How Do I Pay My Invoice with a Credit Card?
How Do I Change The Name of My Network?
How Can I See All My Cases In Alphabetical Order?
Address Autocomplete (Pro Versions)
How can I increase my font size?
I love Kiosk mode but we need to expand the languages available. How can I?
Assistance Alerts/Triggers & Criteria-based Display
Demographic Fields for Specific Agencies
Appointment Reminders: Settings
Network Configurations: Sharing Options Explained
"Getting Ahead" in CharityTracker
Getting Ahead Reporting
Adding Single vs. Multiple Relationships [Add Relationship +] Screen
Is there a way to print off a voucher of service provided to a client?
Is there a way to customize the intake questions when adding a new client?
Broadcast Message Question: Can we download a CSV report of everyone who a Broadcast message is sent to and the status of the sent message?
Can we use your system to track inventory that is donated from donors?
Barcodes: Scanner Performance
Customizations Available Upon Request